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User experience with UI localization and a multi-lingual keyboard for the Indian market

Updated on Friday, July 04, 2014 13:45 PM IST

Bangalore — KeyPoint Technologies, an award-winning world leader in intelligent user interface technology, announced today its partnership with Lava to enhance Iris 402e user-experience with a complete localization solution for the Indian Market.

“We are very well known for the Adaptxt Keyboard that offers over 120 languages. We have chosen to partner with Lava to provide end-to-end localization services for their flagship device, Iris 402e. Localization is about being relevant to the local culture. By supporting the 10 most used Indian languages, we are convinced that Lava users will enjoy a drastically improved interaction with their smartphones” said Sumit Goswami, CEO at KeyPoint Technologies.


According to recent TRAI data, out of 860 million wireless subscriptions in India, only 15% of the users list English as their language of communication. Addressing this huge and fast growing demand for local content in India, KeyPoint Technologies has come up with a complete localization solution for the Indian market.


Commenting on the partnership, a Lava spokesperson said “We are confident that our partnership with Keypoint Technologies will benefit the entire mobile ecosystem and change the way users interact with their smartphones. The user can choose from 10 Indian languages and the entire phone UI, including all the applications, will be displayed in the chosen language. For the first time, native speakers of Indian languages no longer have to struggle with the English UI and can use a phone easily bridging the language barrier.”


Acceptance and use of local languages on a large scale is a key element for wireless and Internet adoption in India. India is one of the largest markets for localization services on smart devices. For Smartphone players and OEMs, the availability of truly localised content and tools is critical to increase Smartphone penetration in tier 2 and tier 3 markets aggressively. KeyPoint Technologies is in discussions with OEMs and Smartphone players for various collaboration models. Their product range supports all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, webOS, QNX, MeeGo, Linux, Windows, Windows Mobile and Tizen. The company provides localization services for connected devices like Smartphones, Tablets, SmartTV, IVIs, feature phones and M2M devices. 


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