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AWAAZ - A novelty in Voice over IP telephony launched

Updated on Thursday, April 03, 2014 15:51 PM IST

New Delhi - The next step in Voice over IP telephony- AWAAZ was recently launched by independent developer Anuj Jain as a ground-breaking innovation that enables its Android users to call each other using their phones for free as all calls get routed over the Internet automatically.

With an aim to make regular paid calls superfluous when phones automatically start routing calls through Awaaz or similar apps, Anuj Jain- Founder of Awaaz, said, “The idea behind this creation was to give a parallel to telephony the same magic that Whatsapp has fashioned in messaging. I am extremely overwhelmed at the response that the app has received from its users.”

Run more like a "plugin" than an application on the phone, the user need not run the app except for the first time after installation or an upgrade. There is no dialer within Awaaz to make a call from either. A user makes a call using the regular phone dialer, and the app automatically takes over the call if both phones have it installed and are connected to the Internet. If one so chooses, he can see which of his contacts are currently online on the app, but that is strictly optional. There is no user signup for Awaaz. Like Whatsapp, your phone number is your identity and the app asks for no other details. Whenever a contact of yours starts using the app, your calls to them will automatically start getting routed over the Internet with no input from you or the contact.

Using Opus for voice compression which is the most advanced codec available currently, and inherits code from none other than Skype itself, Awaaz produces crystal clear voice, with quality that is much better than regular telephony, and beats every other VoIP app available.

To keep privacy and security intact, Awaaz deploys industrial strength encryption to keep your calls private. All voice data is encrypted using a 256-bit AES key exchanged using 2048-bit RSA, with new keys generated for every call which are never shared with anyone, including the Awaaz server, ensuring that no one is listening to the user’s conversation. The server maintains no call logs, and knows nothing about you except your phone number.

Launched recently to the enthusiast community, this revolutionary innovation today has more than 5500 users mainly from US, Europe and Australia. Currently the app is available only for the Android platform (Gingerbread and newer). A variant for iOS is proposed, which will be less seamless than its Android counterpart.

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