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GlacialLight Announces 6” Surface Mounted LED Down Lights

Updated on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 12:43 PM IST

New Delhi GlacialLight, a division of lighting and technology manufacturer GlacialTech, announces the newest addition to its down light range with 6” surface mounted down lights. The GL-DL06-SM down light series are all-in-one lighting fixtures which can be installed without drilling holes in ceilings or walls. These surface mounted lighting fixtures are highly compatible with a range of electrical standards around the world and offer high quality light at various color temperatures. Non-dimmable, 3-in-1 dimmable, AC-TRIAC dimmable, and DC input options are available.

The GL-DL06-SM comes as an easy to install all-in-one light and fixture. As a surface mounted down light, no drilling is needed, so ceilings and walls are left in intact. An optional metal pendant rod mounted allows the down light to be closer to the lighting target for kitchen countertops, cafes, and other indoor lighting applications. 

The GL-DL06-SM comes in a variety of models to suit various indoor lighting applications around the world. AC models support international mains voltage from 100-240V AC and an AC-TRIAC dimmable option means these down lights can be controlled with traditional dimming switches. DC input models support both 11-15V and 22-30V DC power.  

The GL-DL06-SM uses just 12W to provide 700 lumens or more of light across 3 available color temperatures: 3000K warm white, 4000K neutral white, and 5700K cool white. An optimal 110 degree wide beam angle casts light evenly across any room or interior space. 

With 58 to 72 lumens per watt, these down lights are a highly efficient replacement for outdated incandescent, halogen, and even fluorescent lamps. Fully RoHS compliant, the GL-DL06-SM series do not contain mercury or any other hazardous materials. No harmful UV or IR rays are emitted, making these an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional lighting options.

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