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Let your music ReSound!

Updated on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 10:17 AM IST

New Delhi - Portronics proudly presents ReSound, a high performance and stylish, ultra portable speaker. If you think that size matters when it comes to sound; ReSound will redefine your thoughts! It is a power house which will give you a roomful of great music even with its handy size.

ReSound with its features is a luxury. With a size so convenient that you can just throw it into your bag or pocket, it supports a mini built-in LED display, that will display your song number or the FM channel you are playing. ReSound also supports an Auto FM station search at the touch of a button and an Auto-off feature after a two minute stand-by time to save battery.

As a mark-up on the convenience factor, ReSound offers all device compatibility and works with any possible device using a 3.5mm Aux cable and also supports slots for a Micro-SD card or a USB drive. It is so easy to operate, that you wouldn’t even need to read the user manual before getting it started. ReSound supports a substantial battery size, with an 8 hour playtime on full charge. The battery itself is rechargeable and removable and gives you the convenience to charge it or change it as required.

ReSound is available in a robust black design with speaker grill colours in funky green or blue to fit your style. The controls sit on the top of the speaker and are very convenient to use. On the side, it supports a 3.5mm input jack, a micros-USB port for charging and a sliding on/off switch on the top panel.

It can play high volumes without sounding fuzzy or distorted. It presents well balanced sound without compromising the highs, mids and lows, regardless of the genre of music played. At this size and price point, you will have a difficult time finding another speaker that can outperform ReSound.

ReSound is available in black with a green or blue speaker grill colour.

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