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Educational Event for Kids: Surprising World of Discoveries

September 26, 2017 08:48 PM

In Chennai Institute “Eureka” conducted educational events: "Journey into the World of Creativity" and "A Surprising World of Discoveries".

On August 31 and September 2, 2017 in Chennai (India), the "Eureka" Institute of educational policy (Moscow), with the support of the Russian Agency "Rossotrudnichestvo", conducted educational children's and adult events: "Educational Journey into the World of Creativity", "A Surprising World of Discoveries."

At the beginning of the event, children in joint activity with an adult mastered cultural means, and then joined in the activities of their own design. The peculiarity of this method is in the fundamental absence of formalized formats for such training: all tasks preschoolers solve in the game with a high degree of interest and activity.

Chennai (India), the "Eureka" Institute of educational policy (Moscow), with the support of the Russian Agency "Rossotrudnichestvo", conducted educational children's and adult events: "Educational Journey into the World of Creativity", "A Surprising World of Discoveries."

Teachers and parents could observe the appearing educational effects: children were enthusiastically involved in activities, acted on an equal footing with adults, offered their own ways of solving problems, and controlled the results. Parents noted the ability of children to unite in groups, to act together, coordinating their plans. Teachers showed great interest in designing different environments—theatrical, cognitive, polylingual, artistic: the new space stimulated children's activity, initiative and independence.

Educational events allowed children to overcome difficulties encountered in the way of solving problems independently. The method "aquarium" helped teachers to see the dependence of children's immersion in the solution of the problem on the level its emotional acceptance. It was playing activities that allowed each child to assign meaningfully different cultural means: in some cases, he acted as a director, in others as an actor.

Reflection of educational events by teachers confirmed the decisive role of education, built on the choice of means of solving the problem, as well as partners in project activities. The innovative format of the educational event, proposed by Russian experts, significantly contributes to the amplification (enrichment) of child development.

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