असली Rapstar : Tushar Agarwal's show; judged by RCR, Ishq, Agsy

July 28, 2020 06:35 AM

Asli Rapstar is a Digital Rap Hunt Show produced by Tushar Agarwal and judged by RcR, Ishq Bector and Agsy. The show presented by Freehit Live Music, is in the last stage, selecting top 6 contestants from the shortlisted 60 contestants from Group Round. The Finale is on July 29, 2020. The winner of the show will get a cash prize of Rs 51,000 and collaboration with the judges of the show. The first Runner-up will get a cash prize of Rs 21,000 and the second Runner-up will get a cash prize of Rs 11,000 and gift hampers.

The anthem song of Asli Rapstar is made by the judges and the team of Pearl Talent Management, as the song is written and composed by RCR, Agsy, Ishq Bector and the music is given by DJ Rink. Asli Rapstar is going to benefit the upcoming talent a lot. This show is going to provide a platform, mentor and challenge the artist’s skills at each step to improve them.

Tushar said, “We’re lucky enough to have the judges on board and as I know, they are the best so our first choice were these three and we got them. They are the finest artists who provided us full support from the start to end. They are working for Asli Rapstar as a family. RCR is a kind hearted person who works real hard and has a lot of talent. Agsy is super amazing with her talent and promoting female hip-hop, while Ishq is the legend, as he was the one who started the hip-hop culture in India. They are the best.”

Talking about the future of this show, Tushar said, “For now, it is a dream going in the right direction. I’m hoping everything goes as it is going right now. Who knows, it could be one of the biggest talent hunt shows in India one day or may be across the globe. Right now, we are glad with the response of people. If at the end of the day we are able to find that one deserving artist, we are going to help that talent, nurture him and then we know for sure, our show is successful for us.”

Freehit Live Music is a Mumbai based music company which aims to provide a platform to new singers, songwriters and music composers to showcase their talent and earn money through it.

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