TRICHON 2019 organized by VHCA successfully concludes at New Delhi

April 16, 2019 03:25 PM

With an objective to address Hair related problems, VHCA organized a National Conference TRICHON – 2019 in New Delhi on 13th April, 2019 . Dr. VD. K. S. Dhiman (Director General – CRAS) and VD Devendra Triguna (Padmabhushan and President - AIAC) were the Chief guests of the Seminar. Some of the distinguished guests who were present at the occasion were Dr. D. C. Katoch (Advisor – Ministry of Ayush), VD Balendu Prakash amongst others.

Program began with the lighting of auspicious lamp and Dhanvantari puja by the dignitaries. It was followed by Saraswati Vandana dance by Ms. Kanishka Sharma which was a mesmerizing performance indeed. It was then followed by some Video Presentations by VHCA which highlighted the exemplary journey of VHCA, the various work done by the organization and also the various departments of VHCA like Hair Clinics, Ayurveda activities, Ayurveda, VHCA ayurveda and VHCA foundation as well.

A book launch ceremony was also organized, wherein a book on Hair Science written by Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal – “TRICHOPEDIA” was inaugurated in presence of the Chief guests, dignitaries and all other important guests present at the function.  Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal shared that TRICHOPEDIA is the first book based on HAIR SCIENCE. The next edition of the book based on Ayurveda would also be released soon. He also informed that TRICHOPEDIA would soon be available on all leading online stores. A Souvenir book based on TRICHON 2019 was also launched by the guests. This book has a compilation of all research work conducted by PG and PHD experts of around 10 states of the country.  This important souvenir book has been published by Ayurveda Sutra.

In his address, Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal – Managing Director of VHCA Hair Clinic and Nationally acclaimed award winner in field of Ayurveda Science, shared all his thoughts and views on Modern Ayurvedic Hair Science and techniques. Dr. Smt. Anuradha Aggarwal, Director of VHCA Hair Clinic informed the audience about the modern techniques and scientific innovations being conducted at VHCA for Hair related ailments and problems. She also expressed that VHCA is committed towards a better future in the field of Hair Science.

Dr. Vishwajt Rajput (Organizing Secretary – TRICHON 2019) shared, “We are thankful to many renowned dignitaries in the field of Ayurveda and Hair Science who have gathered here today . The discussions that we have conducted at Trichon 2019 on Ancient and modern Ayurvedic Science towards HAIR loss solutions and the new innovations and experiences that we have shared at TRICHON – 2019 has ensured that our seminar is a huge success and it would prove to be a milestone in the field of HAIR SCIENCE. Many papers have been presented at this National Seminar and jointly we have been able to experience many new facts of the industry.  I hope that these learning from TRICHON 2019 would give us renewed energy and hope to fight HAIR related diseases and problems.

One of the Chief guests of Trichon 2019 –  VD Balendu Prakash who is known for his life saving therapies shared, “ Cosmetics treatment has somehow gained importance and it is an important step that VHCA has taken by organizing this Seminar. I congratulate VHCA for this commendable initiative.”

Dr. VD K. S . Dhiman shared, “ This is a first of it’s kind initiative on Hair Science. First all the ailments of Ayurvedic Science was consulted by a common VD but now it’s heartening to see that Specialized VD’s are now looking at different kinds of ailments and science.“ He also stressed that a National Seminar like VHCA – 2019 was the need of the hour and congratulated VHCA for all the efforts put in.

In the last session of Seminar, Shri V. D. Triguna (Padmabhushan) spoke about the importance and objectives of Association of Indian Trichology . He stressed on how AIT has a major role in propagating Trichology in India. He also informed that AIT plays an important role to offer unparalleled access to important medical innovations, exceptional academic institutions and much more.

Dr. D. C. Katoch (Advisor – Ministry of Ayush) shared, “Trichon 2019 is an important milestone in Ayurveda Science. The tridosas of Ayurveda are Vata,Pitta and Kapha and Trichon 2019 would address these 3 components. Around 80% funds are being utilized in Secondary Healthcare and it is our endeavour that we would strengthen the Primary Healthcare so that we can save time and money in medical facilities and also reduce patient discomfort.

On behalf of TRICHON – 2019 , officials like Dr. Bipin Chauhan, Satyam Aggarwal, Avni Aggarwal, Vikram Bawa, Sameer, Seema, Anu, Neelam , Poonam, Vishrant, Dalbeer were also present.

Chief guest of the function – Dr. Devendra Triguna shared, “I am happy to be associated with TRICHON 2019, which is the first ever Seminar and Conference on Hair Science and Hair related problems organized by VHCA. We should now take this movement ahead proactively and feel that CCIM, CCRAS (Research Council) and Ministry of Ayush should work jointly in tandem and create a strong awareness towards this field. There should be specialized courses and degrees like MD, Phd for this field also so that this science can be taken ahead and Ayurveda can get it’s true recognition as well.

Trichon - 2019 also witnessed the attendance of many Key dignitaries, decision makers, policy makers and key representatives of Govt of India , thus making it an important seminar for the future of the Industry.

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