The Treatment, Chemo Therapy was more scarier than the Cancer disease itself - Sonali Bendre

April 11, 2019 11:11 AM

Hyderabad - Cancer made me fearless not having tomorrow. The dreaded disease made me discover sense of adventure shared Cancer Survivor, Film star, Model and Author Sonali Bendre while interacting with 300 plus members of FICCI Ladies Organization(FLO), here in the city this afternoon.

She was talking to them on her most favorite hash tag "Switch on the Sunshine" where she shared her struggle fighting the disease and her journey on the recovery front.

In fact it made me feel like a teenager that was the period I grew up without any fear in mind, she added.

My body was not it was before.  I have to accept that fact and accept the scar that I have on my body,  I am scared of facing what I am today. I have lost hair, eye lashes. Parachute hair oil was the first commercial I did as a model. Today I don’t have much hair.   Now I am better.  My husband is happy with the way I am and the way my hair are today Sonali said.

I always wanted to do what I fear the most. Now I want to wear the most glamorous dress.  I look forward to do the most glamorous shoot. 

I didn’t want my 12 years old son to hear my health condition through others. So, though i was a private person, i opened up to speak about my health condition.

My son accompanied me to the doctor visits.  He used to be my side during the chemo. He understood my situation. I told him that I was going through the pain of Chemo to be able to better soon.  He understood.  For him, the Chemo was not all the bad that he heard about. 

So many different stories were emanating about my health condition So i took up to Social Media to tell the right side of the story. Thank god social media helped me connect with my fans directly. Had it not been for it, i wouldn’t have experienced the love and warmth of my fans, well-wishers from all over the world, she said.

I didn’t expect disease. It was a shock to me. My family, particularly my husband was a pillar of strength to me. Replying to a question she informed that she had no intension of writing a book. Book writing is a lonely job. And i don’t want to be lonely.  I take each day as it cones. I don’t plan she said while commenting about her future plans.

I want to keep myself busy, get occupied always Sonali said.

Replying to another question she disclosed that she was a big fan of Madhuri and doesn’t to get i to the realty shows the way Madhuri is doing. I can’t be like her. There is only one Madhuri she said. . 

Cancer is like a Diabetes. You have to live with it.  If you diagnose in early, Cancer is curable.  I had fourth stage cancer.  I had no choice but to go through Chemo Therapy. There are other alternatives methods of treatments now. I couldn’t get that luxury as I was in advanced stage of the disease.  Now, newer ways of treatments are developed, where you don’t have to go through the Chemo. If you diagnose early, you don’t even have to worry about Chemo. You can get well without Chemo, Sonali shared. 

However strong you may be. You cant always be positive. In my case I had lows, ups and downs.  I used to read, watch comedy and realty shows to keep me engaged.  The treatment for me was like a holiday and in between used to have Chemo.  The family, friends were strong pillar of support for me

Women always put them last.  They think of themselves after the family.  Now in the process of recovery, I put myself first. I take care of myself.  I am enjoying this space for me right now, she shared.

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