Inter House Obstacle Race 2014

May 14, 2014 02:43 PM

New Delhi - The Inter House Obstacle Race 2014 was conducted few days before, at The GIIS campus. The Department of Physical Education had organized a challenging obstacle race for the participants replete with daunting hurdles and formidable obstacles. However the students of The GIIS demonstrating superb teamwork and co-ordination proved the adage of ‘one for all and all for one’.


There were ten participants from each house and each house was given 30 minutes to complete the task. The Obstacle race started with one round of the track and was followed with the crossing of the artificial mud mountain and crawling under the net. The participants then crossed the rope by monkey walk, moving on to the next obstacle of climbing and crossing the Push up Bar. Steadily, they moved forward to cross a ditch before moving on the last and the most challenging of the tasks, which was that of climbing the artificial climbing wall and to touch the roof.


All the participants ran the race enthusiastically and with full gusto and were loudly cheered by the audiences. The final House positions were decided on the basis of the total points earned by the house in all categories. The final results were First:   Sapphire-492 points. Second: Ruby-487 points. Third:   Emerald-485 points. Fourth: Diamond- 481 points.


Mr. Rajeev Katyal, Country head praised the efforts of the students and suggested ways and means on how to improve their performance.


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